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"I had been lost and stuck in a restless routine for many years. I was ready for a change, but couldn’t figure out how to do it, or what I needed to make it happen.


My best friend had just come from a session with John and couldn’t contain her excitement about what she was doing with her life. She told me of how she had immediately put John’s methods to use and was already seeing the positive results.


Yes, I was initially skeptical, but that was one of the negative habits holding me back.  John asked the right questions to bring out that missing sense of empowerment, and I was able to break free of self-imposed restraints.  Call him TODAY…your best life awaits."                                      

B.O., Greensboro, NC

“John helped me look at my problems in a way that allowed me to make peace with them and become more self-aware in the process.”

C.R., Greensboro, NC

"Coaching sessions with John were much better than anticipated. He asked just the right questions so my inner voice was heard loud and clear. It was amazing how the issues we talked about quickly melted away and seemed less overwhelming after his coaching. I felt a weight lifted after every session. It was amazing and I’m so grateful."

A.R., Fort Mill, SC

"Thanks so much to John Cane for the priceless counseling. It has really helped to energize my career". 

J. B., Charlotte, NC

"Your a great mentor and friend. When I’m around you I feel much more confident in myself. It helps me separate me from my feelings. And boy, the intelligence is desperately needed. I appreciate the time you take with me. I’ve learned so much. And many times, it really saved me to communicate to someone the chaos I’m dealing with. Thank you, very much."

E. B., Clover, SC

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