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The Answer and the Solution

One or more of the following may help you in finding an answer to a challenge or difficulty you are currently experiencing. To see something we really need or hear what needs to be heard, sometimes we first have to let go of old habits. Frequently we get caught up in strengthening and maintaining old habits more than trying to understand reality…our own.


The solution to any problem is like making a key after the lock has been made. The thing is, it is possible because you hold the key.

Life is nothing without doing something good with the experiences we have.

Feeling bad about making a mistake doesn’t make you a bad person. The mistake doesn’t define you as a person. We ALL make mistakes.

One definition of a ‘Miracle’: that small percentage of possibility we don’t know exists until it happens.

Sometimes we need to change the ‘me’ we have convinced ourselves of for a very long time.

Teach yourself how capable you are by the mistakes you make, and how quickly you can learn from them to move forward.

There are a lot of explanations for why we do what we do. The thing is, who’s listening?

When we close our eyes, the Truth is not distracted.

If ‘Miracles’ did not exist, then neither would the word.

Sometimes we have a hard time letting go of regrets and mistakes because it seems easier to blame, than to exercise the gift of forgiveness–releasing anger and resentment not only toward others, but maybe us too.

You and the Universe are a match made in Heaven.

It’s amazing how much easier life gets when we stop comparing ourselves to other people.

The past is not NOW.

‘Maturity’ in part, is knowing how to get unstuck from confusion.

Who is your ‘parent’ today? Is it you?

Sometimes a car just needs a tune-up. Not a complete overhaul.

Dreams allow us to live with the Truth of ourselves.

When we blow things out of proportion, we might make them bigger than we can handle.