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Seeking Meaning

What processes are involved when we seek and create meaning? Are we looking for answers within the system of creation we are a part of? Do we persevere because of an undercurrent of longing to feel? Maybe the question lies in the “seeking”. Is creation the seeker in all of us, looking for meaning as part of the process to connect by creating patterns, patterns within and around us? Are patterns the same as meaning in different forms of communication and connection in the universe?

Dreams carry an energy or meaning while experiencing the dream and a residual energy to follow; maybe an energy that has no end.

Humans gather information, metaphors and symbols because they are the tools we have evolved to become who we are on this planet. We seek and create meaning to manifest our personal destinies while in the process of helping others do the same. I trust that meaning connects us all. When we seek meaning it seems we seek to define. If we seek to define we seek to change, adapt, to understand and to survive. For example, if we seek to find answers to cure cancer are we not seeking to creatively find treatment so we can continue a meaningful life? Meaning emerges as we understand reality better or parts of the reality each of us lives in.

When we seek to create meaning it is our intention to communicate something that is not directly expressed. It appears that in our search for meaning in life and in our dreams we are simply following an innate need to connect and discover the meaning of the universe within. When we search for meaning we travel a mysterious path to bring to light our interconnectedness through experiences, inside and out.

About the Author

For over 20 years, John Cane has helped over 100,000 individuals in areas of Self Improvement. John is a Certified Integrated Wellness Coach (Mind, Body, and Spirit), motivational speaker, and writer. John has six certifications in Personal Growth and Development. His Journal Books, Important Things I Remember from My Parents’ are used in schools and as an aid for adults in gaining strength in self-identity in the United States and Europe. John is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Psychology & Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University, Oakland, California.

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