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Baby Steps

Many people don’t realize the significance of baby steps… literally and figuratively. When we were babies, at first, walking was a challenge. We literally had to crawl before we could walk. The significant aspect of baby steps is that one gradually needs to build momentum to get to the next step, to experience the process of walking and the next level of self-produced energy. It’s as if the process generates the necessary energy to keep moving forward.

Throughout life we reproduce this process many times over in a variety of areas. We can create amazing things through the power of habit and the repetition involved in the process of keeping the momentum strong and moving forward.

It’s in our creative nature as living beings to create new experiences. This process of creating new experiences gives us something to look forward to, brightening our perspective of life.

Human beings are capable of change throughout their entire lives. As a great person once said, “It is impossible to learn less.” Create the life you have always imagined and dreamed of. Baby steps do matter. Give yourself credit for every step you take. You can do it. You deserve it.

About the Author

For over 20 years, John Cane has helped over 100,000 individuals in areas of Self Improvement. John is a Certified Integrated Wellness Coach (Mind, Body, and Spirit), motivational speaker, and writer. John has six certifications in Personal Growth and Development. His Journal Books, ‘Important Things I Remember from My Parents’ are used in schools and as an aid for adults in gaining strength in self-identity in the United States and Europe. John is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Psychology & Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University, Oakland, California.

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