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Turning Thoughts into Action

What’s your personal recipe for turning thoughts into action? Everyone has their own ingredients as far as making a “perfect” life. Right? How do you need to be convinced of your own personal truth?

Books, positive affirmations, unlimited websites, people telling you, you are a good person, you telling yourself you’re a good person... and you deserve a better life etc. etc. etc.…? What is it that’s going to allow you to take new steps forward and live the life you personally, authentically deserve and need? What is your spirit, your intuitive-self telling you ...and how can you turn that into thoughts that can methodically turn into action?

Your personal questions can lead to your own answers.

Your personal recipe for a happy life starts with a feeling of desire and then the ingredients to create the deliciousness of your own experience of life. Life is based on our own subtle facts about existence that whisper truth every moment of every day.

Acknowledging that you are different is OK. To make a difference each of us needs to embrace our own personal strengths to contribute to the greater good and make a difference.

A great individual once said, “You don't get harmony when everybody is singing the same notes.“

About the Author

For over 20 years, John Cane has helped over 100,000 individuals in areas of Self Improvement. John is a Certified Integrated Wellness Coach (Mind, Body, and Spirit), motivational speaker, and writer. John has six certifications in Personal Growth and Development. His Journal Books, ‘Important Things I Remember from My Parents’ are used in schools and as an aid for adults in gaining strength in self-identity in the United States and Europe. John is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Psychology & Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University, Oakland, California.

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